license plate recognition

Fixed and Mobile License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition or LPR is a system designed using character recognition analytics to accurately identify and read license plates from both stationary and moving vehicles. Digital Visions offers two License Plate Recognition systems, a fixed solution and a mobile solution.

Fixed License Plate Recognition

The Fixed LPR system is traditionally used to secure and monitor parking facilities, or any gated property. However, it can be used by law enforcement as an investigative tool as well. By truly reading the license plate and storing it in a database, clients can use this tool as an access control system, allowing entry only to users with the correct license plate number. It can also notify users when an unregistered number is read so that they can take appropriate action. Since the License Plate Recognition system is IP based, full integration can take place with the video surveillance system as well as access control.

Mobile License Plate Recognition

The Mobile LPR system is generally used by law enforcement and parking enforcement. It can read license plates at a differential speed of 140mph over four lanes of traffic with precision. The system is installed in a vehicle with cameras either permanently or temporarily mounted on the roof. Law enforcement officers have the ability to upload hotlists of stolen vehicles, wanted felons, etc. Once the system gets a read on one of the hotlist license plates, they are notified and can take appropriate action. Parking Enforcement officers can use the system to keep time on cars at parking meters. If the system reads the same plate again after time has expired, the system will notify the user. Not only does the LPR system accurately read the license plate, but through GPS technology, can also pinpoint the location of that vehicle at the time it is identified. Being IP based, the Mobile LPR system can be integrated with the surveillance system and access control as well. This allows real-time, all the time intelligence at the finger tips of users.