digital surveillance access control

Secure Access Control monitored by Network Video Surveillance Systems

Access Control is one of the fastest growing areas within the security industry. One of the major reasons for this is the continued convergence of the security and Information Technology (I.T.) industries. IP Access Control uses principles from both. IP Access Control offers unlimited scalability, hardware freedom, and increased intelligence while being able to use existing network infrastructure already in place. From a single door solution to an enterprise level, multiple facility systems, Digital Visions can deliver the right solution for you and your company.

Digital Visions uses quality products from industry leading companies like HID, and Genetec. This offers the peace of mind to clients that their Access Control solution is not only fully scalable as their company grows, but offers unmatched reliability.

Until recently, Access Control has traditionally been a separate system within a company's array of many different security needs. With IP Access Control, full integration is now possible. Digital Visions can integrate your Access Control system, with your Video Surveillance system, HVAC, lighting, intrusion detection, HR, and even share appropriate company databases. This complete integration allows users to manage their entire company security system from one single unified interface. This not only saves time, but increases the overall effectiveness of the system itself.

Being IP based, our Access Control systems offer increased intelligence as well. No longer is Access Control solely used as a way to unlock doors. It can be programmed to analyze information from video, audio, and other security systems. This allows the user to be notified in real-time of potential security breaches.